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Jewelry Repairs

Jewelry Repair

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repair -2Here at Doerner Jewelers, we excel at everything from minor repairs to extensive jewelry restoration. In our cutting-edge workshop, our highly skilled master jeweler performs the bulk of all repairs in house. Our jeweler possesses a wealth of experience, a fact that is obvious when one experiences first-hand the excellent craftsmanship of each repair. He works on all types of jewelry, as well as antique and estate jewelry without compromising the integrity of your heirlooms.

Pearl & Bead Stringing 

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Restringing your pearl and gemstone necklaces is an essential step toward preserving their integrity. We recommend restringing every two to three years depending of the amount of wear and overall condition. Our experienced professionals string every strand on a silk cord and place a knot between each gem in order to insure safety. While individual knotting is more time consuming, it is the standard to which all pearl necklaces should be strung.